What is the justification for a masters degree work?

The justification of a research work is the detailed explanation of the reasons that validate the study. This section is placed in the first chapter, that is, it is part of the “Research problem” section, which serves to show the perspectives of the work and its orientation. Justifying a thesis implies answering the following question: Why should the research be done? (in the case of preliminary projects), Why should the investigation have been carried out? (in the case of culminated grade jobs), what are / were your motives?

The section of the justification should not be a continuation of the specific approach of the problem nor a statement of objectives, since each of these parts has its special treatment. The aim is to clarify the pertinence of the thesis, its suitability with the research problem, the study context and the area of ​​knowledge. Also, it is necessary to add the contributions or benefits derived from the research, which should have a greater emphasis on special projects and feasible projects.


When justifying the thesis, the following aspects must be taken into account:

The importance, value and relevance of the research proposal or the completed study.

Your contributions: either at the level of knowledge, practical or methodological.

Finally, the solutions offered for the resolution of a certain research problem.

The ideal is that a degree work meets all three aspects, but is not entirely necessary, the essential thing is to have at least one of the points. It usually happens that not all investigations solve problems diagnosed, but they provide relevant information that later serves for later projects. Not for that reason they lack a justification. Even if the main reason is to inquire more about a topic, there is also a relevance when it is possible to demonstrate the set of derived benefits, whether exclusive for an area of ​​knowledge.

To facilitate the writing of this valuable section, the researcher can analyze the reasons for his study from three other perspectives.

Practical perspective: this refers to the benefits of the study for specific contexts, the utility for an individual, group or community. The contributions that are offered by the application of the analysis proposals or by the definitive resolution of a research problem.

Methodological: the justification from a point of view applies to research that develops new mechanisms or methodological procedures useful to other investigations.

Theoretical: it is related to the level and depth of informational or conceptual content that the study generates. In these cases, it is justified by the value of the knowledge developed, by the creation of new theories.

Taking this into account helps determine the focus of the thesis and its expectations. As already explained, each work can fulfill a single perspective and validate its justification. So follow each point and write appropriately the importance of your work.